Here's how Judith overcame her anxiety...
Judith was thrashing her arms back and forth like she was drowning. 

Eyes darting around the room. 

Gasping for air. 

Ray dropped the cake. Snapped forward. Grabbed her mum’s shoulders. 

“Mum?” she screamed. “What’s wrong?” 

Judith looked up at her. Tears streaming down her face, “I feel like I’m gonna die!”
A group of people, wearing expensive looking silver masks, arrived at the black gates of a three-storey mansion.



Then a tanned lady, sporting a rose gold backless dress and a frosty white smile, appeared from the sun-drenched house. 

Began strolling down the immaculate granite driveway. 

The crunch of her satin white heels echoed over the classical music drifting from the front room. 

“There’s Judith,” a voice shouted from the crowd. 
The gates opened. 

And the crowd came flocking in. Wishing her a happy birthday on their way in to the noisy party. 

She smiled. Followed them in.

Could see her nineteen-year-old daughter, Ray, lighting the candles of her birthday cake in the kitchen. 

Noticed her long brown hair, the sun kissed freckles on her nose, the childlike grin plastered across her face. 

She grinned. Quickly squeezed into the front room with everyone. Acting like she didn’t see anything. 

The lights dimmed. 

The music cut off. 

And everyone turned as Ray entered holding a chocolate caterpillar cake, covered in forty glowing candles.

They all sang happy birthday
Made a wish. Blew out the candles. And gestured everyone to lower the volume, smiling. 

“I just wanna thank you all for coming today,” she said whilst fiddling with the finger where her wedding ring used to be. ”It means a…” 

Suddenly, she felt her left hand shaking. 

Looked down. Scrunched her face at it, like there was an invisible string pulling her fingers up and down. 

Looked back up, saw forty-eight piercing eyes staring back at her, waiting for the rest of her speech. 

Opened her mouth. Nothing. Just air. Tried again. Nothing. Felt the thump of her heartbeat grow louder. Faster. 

Chills shooting up and down her spine. 
Mouth opening. 

Until all of a sudden, she was gasping for air, forcing herself to swallow like it’d been sucked out the room.

Everyone rolled their eyes. Thinking it was just another one of Judith’s jokes. Everyone except Ray. 

“What’s wrong?” she said.

Judith was just thrashing her arms back and forth like she was drowning. 

Her eyes were darting left and right, front and back. 

Ray dropped the cake. Snapped forward. And grabbed her mum’s shoulders. 

“Mum?” she screamed. “What’s wrong?” 

Judith looked up at her, tears streaming down her face, and cried, “I feel like I’m gonna die.”
May 5th, one o’clock, Saturday afternoon. 

A nervous postman dropped off a mountain of letters at the black gates of a ghost-like mansion. 

Shuffled away as fast as possible. 

Then a frizzy-haired lady with sunken eyes, wrapped in an off-white dressing gown, appeared from the house. 

Plodded down the dirty granite driveway. 

Snatched the letters from the floor. 

Ducked back inside, continued through to her gloomy kitchen, and began sorting through them. 

Most were bills. Past due. Big red writing stamped across them. 

Others were either SSRI leaflets or local counselling offers. 

But one was handwritten

Writing she knew from a mile off. 
In a split-second she awoke from the zombie-like daze she was in and her heart violently banged like a drum. 


She ripped it open. 

Began reading aloud. 

“Together with their families,” Judith said, scrunching her face, “Ray and Dan invite you to share in their wedding celebration.”

She paused. 

Mouth open. 

Staring at the invitation. Staring at her daughter’s name. Staring at the words: wedding celebration.

Then she looked at the date. 

“June sixteenth,” she said as the invitation slipped through her fingers.

The guilt in her voice echoed off the marble walls, died into silence, and she just stood there. 
Gazing into space. 

Replaying the last six years of her life in her mind’s eye, skimming through it like a bad movie. 

Seeing herself get fired from her job. Losing touch with friends. Putting on weight. Barely leaving her house.  


Then she pressed play on a memory from four years ago and watched in realtime as she said to Ray, “I never wanna meet Dan.” 

Pausing on her face. 

Looking at the shock in her eyes. 

Judith shook her head, looked down at the floor, and felt a surge of guilt flood over her, realising that was the last time they spoke. 

Then she noticed something. Something Ray had written on the back of the invitation.

Crouched down. Squinted. 

“I miss you,” she read aloud, “and I can’t imagine getting married without you being there.”
Her eyes crinkling at the corners. 

“And I know you feel like you’ve tried everything” she read, “but Dan’s mum got help from this hypnotist…”  

She rolled her eyes like she’d been through this with Ray a thousand times before. 

Got up. 

Swung the invitation into a pile of dirty dishes. Took her medication. Strolled upstairs. And climbed into bed. 

Ten minutes passed. 

Fifteen minutes. 


She just stared at the ceiling. 

Lost in thought. 

Like she was battling between two minds

One picturing the embarrassment of having another panic attack in front of everyone. 

And the other imagining Ray saying the words I do. 

She tossed and turned for another twenty minutes. Forcing the room’s dry air through her clenched jaw. 

Then a thin beam of yellow light, fighting to get in through the crease in her curtains, caught her eye.  


Watching as it tried to fight its way through. 

Reminding her of what she used to be like. How hard she used to fight back. How tough she used to be. 

Then, in an instant, she realised: I’ve got to at least try. 

She jumped out of bed. Sprinted downstairs. Ran into the kitchen. Grabbed the invitation. 

And read the rest of it. 

“It’s this home hypnosis thing by a guy called Geoffrey Loveday. He's helped like four thousand people get rid of anxiety.” 

She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Felt like this was her last option. 

“It’s called Mindlayers,” she read aloud. “Please just give it a go.” 

She ducked out the kitchen and into her office. 

It was a tiny dark room consisting of stained grey roller blinds straight ahead. 

A ripped leather chair towering over a dusty wooden desk in the centre. 

And an old iMac computer accompanied by a cordless telephone on the desk’s glass table top. 
Hit the power button. And the computer’s blue light illuminated her pasty white face. 

Began googling the hypnotist’s name Geoffrey Loveday. Spent almost forty minutes reading the reviews. 

Then clicked through to Mindlayers. 

Voices were popping up in her head again. 

One telling her it was a scam. 

The other telling her how amazing it’d be if it worked. 

Picturing turning up at the wedding without a shred of worry weighing her down, seeing the look on everyone’s faces. 

She smiled. 

Peeked at the date on her phone: May 5th. Did a quick calculation. Forty-two days until the wedding. Got excited. 

That feeling you get just before you buy something. 
Skimmed passed important points like home hypnosis for anxiety, just having to sit back and listen, and it being completely safe

Scrolled through to the order page. Gave everything one final glance. Hit join. Created her password. 

And logged in. 

The screen monitor lit up her eyes and an entire library of six-session home hypnosis courses popped up in their reflection. 

Each designed to get rid of anxiety in specific areas of her life: Positive Thinking, Living In The Moment, Confidence, Sleep, Motivation

The list went on. 

She looked around like she’d just been given the keys to Wonka’s chocolate factory. 

Closed her eyes. Tight shut. Decided to pick the first home hypnosis course she locked eyes with. 

Opened them. Saw Control Your Emotions. And clicked through. 

Six sessions appeared. Around twenty minutes each. 

She selected Session #1 - Day #1, and Geoffrey appeared on a large black and white video. 
Drummed her chewed fingers on the glass table top of her wooden desk like she was trying to pump herself up. 

Let out a gasp of air and pressed play. 

“Welcome to session one of the Control Your Emotions Home Hypnosis Course,” Geoffrey said. “Please sit or lie down and let’s begin.” 

Judith shuffled in her seat. 

“Take a deep breath in,” Geoffrey said. “A deep breath out. And just close your eyes.”

She slowly closed her eyes, peeking through the slits until everything went dark, and all she could hear was the sound of his voice. 

Geoffrey then used a combination of eye catalepsy, fractionation, visualisation, and physical relaxation to calm Judith’s mind. 

Which allowed him to bypass her critical factor, the barrier between her conscious and subconscious mind, within minutes.  

And take her on a magical journey through the deepest realms of her mind to release the emotions silently causing her anxiety. 
Judith blinked her sleepy eyes open and felt a wave of relaxation wash over her. 

“You did amazing,” Geoffrey said, smiling. “I’ll see you tomorrow for session two.” 

She stretched like she’d slept for the first time in years. A soft smile spread across her face. And she marked the session complete.

Six days later she completed the entire home hypnosis course. Noticed herself smiling a little more. Worrying a little less. 

Six days after that she completed the Improve Your Motivation course. Began cleaning the house. Going for jogs. Dieting. 

Six days after that she completed the Confidence course. Got in touch with old friends. Joined a dating site. Applied for a job. 

Six days after that another course, and then another, and then another.
On June 10th, one o’clock, Saturday afternoon, Judith returned home from her daily two mile jog around the park. 

Drenched in sweat. 

A sun-kissed glow on her face and arms, freckles on the tip of her nose, and her wavy hair tied into a ponytail. 

She jumped in the shower. 


And strolled into her sunlit office to begin session one of the Inner Calm course. 

Just as she was about to hit play, the black phone on her desk began ringing. 

She let it die and go to voicemail. 

Didn’t want any interruptions. 

“Mum,” a voice said on the answering machine, “it’s Ray.” 

Judith’s eyes shot open. Her heart began thumping away. Couldn’t tell if it was excitement or something else. 

Made the split second decision not to answer. Didn’t know why. Assumed it was just because she wanted to surprise her.
“The wedding’s in six days and I haven’t heard anythin’ from you,” Ray said. “I figured you’d have called when you got the news.” 

Judith’s eyes sunk to the phone I don’t want her thinking I don’t care.

She placed her trembling hand on it’s shiny surface. Went to pick it up. Then hesitated like something was stopping her. 

“I miss you,” Ray said. “Just gimme a call when you get this, yeah?”

Judith heard a click, a clatter, and then the feint humming sound of a beep just before the room filled with silence. 

Her eyes drifted from the phone to the computer in one slow motion, wondering why she didn’t pick up. 

She paused. 

Eyes wide open, searching her mind for an answer, they they darted left and right. 

“I can’t do this,” she said. “I can’t do this.”

She shot up. 

Cupped her head like a football. 

Began violently swallowing deep breaths of the moist air. 

Then ran into the front room. 

Ripped the curtains apart. 

Pushed open the windows and forced fresh oxygen into her tiny lungs.
In and out. 

In and out. 

In and out. 

Then something strange happened. 

She noticed a thin beam of yellow light shining down on a dusty old picture that’d just fallen off the windowsill. 

She squinted at it. Still gasping. 

Saw three people laughing on a sun-drenched beach halfway across the world.

Ray in the middle, fourteen years old. Judith on the left, holding her hand. And Ray’s dad, Neil, hugging them both in close. 

She paused. 

Eyes softening. 

Breathing slowing. 

Crouched into a squat. Picked it up. And used her sleeve as a wipe to dust it off as she turned and sat back against the wall. 

Legs out. 

Staring gently. 

Thinking about how Neil went for a swim straight after that picture was taken and ended up getting stung by a jellyfish.  

Her eyes crinkled at the corners. 

She cradled the picture until her breath returned, looked into Neil’s big green eyes, and whispered, “Thank you.” 
Nodded to herself like she knew what she had to do. 

Marched into her office. Put the frame on her desk. Completed the next session. 

Grabbed her car keys. 

And headed north. 

An hour later she was cruising through Meader Street, watching for house numbers and mailboxes. 

She found the house she was looking for. Swung into its driveway. Killed the motor. And took a long deep breath. 

Then she got out. 

Strolled to the front door. 

Wrapped on the wood with her knuckles and waited. 

Suddenly, she heard a muffled voice drift through the house to the front door, “Can you get that?” 
In an instant the sound of heavy footsteps echoed over the still silence, the door sucked open, and a man appeared. 

Six-one, short brown hair, big green eyes. 

He scrunched his face like he recognised her, but couldn’t quite place where from. 

Then his mouth shot open. His eyes widened. And he wrapped his bulging muscles around her, “I’m Dan.” 

She laughed. Relieved. Hugged him back. 

“Nice to finally meet you,” she said. “Ray in?” 

Dan stepped back. Still smiling. 

“Come in, come in,” he said. “She’s just tryin’ on the dress.” 

Judith skipped inside. Secretly shushed him. He nodded excitedly. Pointed upstairs. 

“First room on the left,” he whispered. 

She nodded back. Like they were a team working together. Dan stayed in the hall, watching. Judith tip-toed her way up. 

Got to the door. 
Saw Ray in her frosty white cinderella dress, with her back to the room, reciting her vows in front of a mirror. 

Judith’s mouth curled up and her eyes turned to slits. 

“Dan,” Ray shouted as she spun away from the mirror. “Dan, who was at the d—“

Ray gasped and cupped her mouth. 

Her breath froze in her chest. 

She saw her mum standing in her bedroom with tears streaming passed her gleaming smile. 

They both locked eyes. 

Then exploded forward and hurled themselves into each other’s arms, crying and hugging like they’d die if they let go.  
One o’clock, Friday afternoon. 

Gib Hall’s glass doors sucked open. Sunlight flooded the polished marble floor. 

And fifty people gasped, as Judith and Ray strolled in, arm in arm. 

Glowing caramel skin running up and down their legs, freckles on the tips of their noses, and flowers in their hair. 

"Bloody hell, they look like sisters," one voice whispered. 

Judith and Ray smirked at each other. 

Then the hall fell silent. 

And one hundred wandering eyes followed them to the front of the room, marvelling at Judith as she gave Ray away at the altar. 

Just as Judith hugged Dan, Ray tapped her on the shoulder and whispered, “I've got a surprise for you." 

Judith tilted her head. Curious. Didn't say anything. Just smiled back at Ray's childlike grin. 

"You're gonna be a grandma," Ray said. 

Judith’s eyes flew open. She wrapped her arms around Ray. Buried her face in her neck. 

And whispered back, "I love you."

Then Judith slipped into her seat. 

Exchanged flirtatious glances with the handsome forty-something guy sat next to her. 

And watched, smiling ear to ear, as her daughter said the words I do.
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